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Vitalik Buterin told how the transition to Ethereum 2.0 will happen

Vitalik Buterin told how the transition to Ethereum 2.0 will happen

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin tried to dispel community doubts about the long-term future platform, in particular shedding light on some details of the upcoming transition from Proof-of-Work (PoW) to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) and the final transition to Ethereum 2.0. This question was one of the most widely discussed at the Devcon5 conference in Osaka, Japan these days, but there were no clear answers for a long time. Moreover, after Vitalik Buterin and Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lubin admitted that they knew about the problems with network scaling from the very beginning, they even began to receive accusations of intentionally selling a fraudulent scheme.Among the questions that concern the

Will Telegram Open Network Drive Cryptocurrency Market?

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The last few months, the cryptocurrency market is not happy with the majority of its members. Start Bakkt, which had hoped for a digital gold holders, not revived business activity. On the contrary, shortly after the start of trading deliverable futures price of BTC began a rapid decline.Now many members of the crypto community and I hope that the developers confirmed the launch of the Telegram Open Network (TON) will give a powerful impetus to the market and lay the Foundation for a great economic system on the basis of the popular messenger.Prepositions your attention, abridged translation of the material Binance Research describing the technical and economic features of the project TON, p

Swiss Stock Exchange Launches ETP Based on Bitcoin and Ethereum

The leading Swiss stock exchange SIX has announced the launch of a traded exchange product (ETP) based on Bitcoin and Ethereum, The Block reports. The new financial instrument was launched thanks to the efforts of fintech firm Amun AG and cryptocurrency custodian Bitcoin Suisse AG. Bitcoin and Ethereum included in the ETP are represented in it in the proportions of 90% and 10%, respectively. The exchange product will be traded under the ticker symbol ABBA. “This product is fully secured by physical assets. This means that for each bitcoin and Ether unit included in the ETP, an appropriate amount of cryptocurrency securely stored in Bitcoin Suisse Vault will be purchased, ”said Amun AG repre

Bitcoin futures investment fund prospectus filed at SEC

Stone Ridge, an asset management company, has filed an application with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to launch a new investment product related to Bitcoin futures. According to the securities issue prospectus, the NYDIG Bitcoin Strategy Fund will earn income by investing in bitcoin futures. We are talking about contracts with settlements in fiat currency, which are traded on exchanges registered with the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). The fund does not intend to invest directly in cryptocurrency or in BTC futures with physical delivery, like with Bakkt. In addition to Bitcoin futures contracts, the NYDIG Bitcoin Strategy Fund plans to include “significant

TON developers officially confirmed the launch of the platform in October

Investors of the Telegram Open Network (TON) blockchain project received a letter in which the developers officially confirmed the launch of the platform at the end of this month. Investors also gained access to key generation software. It is reported by The Bell. Using software called TON Key Generator, you need to create two encryption keys - personal private and public. The latter must be sent to the TON team by mail no later than October 16th. After that, investors will be contacted to confirm the information. In addition, investors were asked to select validators. The letter emphasizes that Telegram or the TON Foundation will not act as validators. Recall that in September Telegram laun

Nicolas Maduro Confirms Venezuela Bypasses US Sanctions with Cryptocurrencies

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The Venezuelan government uses cryptocurrencies “for free national and international payments,” Bloomberg reports citing President Nicolas Maduro. According to Maduro, the new tools of the Ministry of Finance and the central bank will soon allow everyone to carry out banking operations, including international payments. “Venezuela is already working in the cryptocurrency world,” Maduro summed up. Last week, it became known that the country's central bank is exploring the possibility of including Bitcoin and Ethereum in its reserves. The idea was put forward by the state oil and gas company Petroleos de Venezuela SA (PDVSA). “Donald Trump and his sanctions block Venezuelan transacti

Stellar developers turn off XLM inflation mechanism

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Representatives of the Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) said they would remove the inflation feature in the upcoming protocol update, as users are not using it for its intended purpose. In their opinion, it will also lead to the problem of scaling in the future. SDF recalled that the weekly generated XLM tokens (1% per year) were intended to support projects on the Stellar network by voting among users. Most users join in pools to receive payments to their accounts, rather than vote for useful projects. “Each week, the protocol creates new XLMs. Every week, most tokens are sent to individual account holders or SDFs, ”wrote Stellar developers.SDF invited validators to install a new ve

Bakkt Launches Bloody Tuesday Cryptocurrency Market and Other News of the Week

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This week has been for the cryptocurrency industry as one of the most memorable in 2019 – a long-awaited launch of the platform Bakkt finally took place, however, the growth of the market, as suggested by many, has not happened. Moreover, during the week the price of "digital gold" fell by an impressive 20%. The price of bitcoin On Monday, bitcoin traded at around $10,000, but even a small reduction during the day, there are signs of collapse, which can be observed on the following day, when the asset for a short period of time fell more than $1000. The decline continued the next day – at a certain point bitcoin fell below $7800. Further recovery attempts were far from luck, and by late S

$ 6.5 million stolen from Fusion Network wallet. Project creators suspect insiders

The price of the Fusion token (FSN) has more than doubled since the developers of the financial blockchain platform Fusion Network announced that they had hacked their wallet. This is written by Decrypt. According to a statement published on the night of Sunday by project representatives in the official group in Telegram, as a result of breaking into the wallet for exchanging FSN tokens in ERC-20 format for tokens of the project’s own network, a total of 10 million FSN coins of the main Fusion network and 3.5 million were stolen Ethereum-based FSN tokens. According to CoinMarketCap, this is about 38% of the current cryptocurrency offer. The amount of stolen funds at the time of the hack wa

Binance froze 12 billion TRX tokens and becomes the largest block producer in the Tron network

Binance cryptocurrency exchange froze over 12 billion TRX tokens and, having voted for them, came out on top in the list of 27 Tron super-representatives (block manufacturers). It is reported by UToday.Binance’s voices are believed to have provided user funds that are stored on its staking platform. The head of the BeatzCoin project (now in third place on the list) Misha Lederman noted that the exchange froze ⅙ of the total volume of TRX in circulation. In his opinion, such a reduction in the supply of coins in the market will strengthen their price. At the same time, Lederman drew attention to the fact that this Binance move violates the established system of voting in the network. The ex

Binance will remove trading pairs with BitTorrent and other IEO assets

Binance Exchange will remove a number of trading pairs from the listing. Some of these include assets previously distributed through the initial public offering (IEO) on the Launchpad platform. Today, September 30, the following trading pairs will be deleted: ANKR / PAX, ANKR / TUSD, ANKR / USDC, BCPT / PAX, BCPT / TUSD, BCPT / USDC, BTT / BTC, DENT / BTC, DOGE / PAX, DOGE / USDC , ERD / PAX, ERD / USDC, FTM / PAX, FTM / TUSD, FUEL / ETH, GTO / PAX, GTO / TUSD, GTO / USDC, LUN / ETH, NCASH / BNB, NPXS / BTC, ONE / PAX, ONE / TUSD, PHB / PAX, PHB / USDC, TFUEL / PAX, TFUEL / TUSD, TFUEL / USDC, WAVES / PAX, WIN / BTC. According to representatives of Binance, this is done "to increase liquid

Vulnerability in Zcash Could Allow IP Addresses of Full Network Nodes

An error in all implementations of Zcash and most of its forks allows you to reveal the IP address of the full node to which the protected address belongs (zaddr). Komodo developer Jonathan Leto said on the blog that the bug has existed since the Zcash protocol and is present in all branches of the source code. The vulnerability allows metadata leakage, including the IP addresses of nodes, which “strongly contradicts” the principles of Zcash development. According to the report, the vulnerability could affect anyone who published their secure address or provided it to a third party. A detected error will not lead to data leakage if the user only sent funds to other zaddr but did not recei
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